Teaching Dance in a COVID-19 - Download PDF

Adrian and I look forward to teaching you again and seeing you in class.
So that we can follow the guidance on good COVID habits I please ask the following from you before and whilst attending our dance classes
What you need to do - Covid Procedures
•             All Lessons to be prebooked,
•             All Lessons to be paid for in advance either through PayPal or bank transfer.
•             Please arrive 10 minutes early before your lesson start time so that you can register and enter safely.
•             Please wear a face covering while entering and exiting the class where there are confined spaces but not required while dancing.
•             There is a 15 minute change over time between classes to allow people to exit and enter using the one way system.
•             All chairs and touch points are cleaned before each class and after use.
•             Either Adrian or I will greet you to invite you into the main hall once the previous lesson has finished and begun to exit using the one-way system. Once you see the previous class exiting, please make your way to the entrance of the hall using the one-way system.
•             Every hall has a one way system in place though the hall, separate entrance In and exit
•             Your temperature will be taken upon arrival.
•             The windows and doors will be open to allow good ventilation and avoid contact with door handles, for this reason please wear layers of clothing that you can put on and take off.
•             Hand sanitiser will be available before, during and after class, we ask you to please use.
•             On arrival a register will be taken to record your attendance to class and we will keep your contact information for 21 days safely in a secure place (GDPR).
•             We will display and encourage you to use the NHS COVID-19 QR code so you can ‘check in’ to Adrian Marsh School of Dance to follow the NHS track and trace scheme.
•             Adrian and I will teach maintaining a 3 meter distance at all times and ask you to maintain social distancing before, during and after the class of over 3 metres.
•             Please bring your own bottle of water to class. No refreshments will be available.
•             Please use the toilets using a ‘one in one out’ system.
•             Please do tell us immediately if you feel unwell.
•             If there is a national/local lockdown, for any paid classes there will be refunds and/or 'class holidays' offered. You will always receive a class for which you have paid for.

One way systems
Wing Village Hall
•             Entrance through the large glass doors to the left hand side of the building where you will register and find a sanitise station.
•             Exit through the old porch doors which leads to the carpark and where you will find another sanitise station.
Longueville Hall
•             Entrance is on the left hand side of the building, enter through the side door into the lounge where you will register and find a sanitise station.
•             Exit through the main front doors and foyer where you will find another sanitise station.
Kempston Hammer Club
•             Entrance through the main doors where you will register and find a sanitise station
•             Exit through the doors in the main hall which leads outdoors and where you will find another sanitise station.
Kents Hill Park Primary School
•             Entrance through the main automatic doors where you will register and find a sanitise station
•             Exit through the doors in the main hall which leads outdoors into the playground and where you will find another sanitise station.

We can dance. ‘Rule of 6’
Adrian and I (Sara) will review our COVID secure measures every time there is a change in guidance. The following contents were correct at the time of writing.
Dancing can continue as it is exempt and we are a business that is following COVID-19 Secure guidelines and we constantly review our risk assessment.
Social distancing is essential to stop the spread of the virus, as it is more likely to spread when people are close together. Adrian and I are following the social distancing rule in all aspects of running our dance classes; from the point of arrival and until you leave with a happy smile on your face.
Please see below on how we are doing so.

What Adrian and I are doing to follow the COVID guidance and new rules.
Seven steps to protect yourself, your staff and your customers during coronavirus:

1.            Complete a COVID-19 risk assessment. Share it with all your staff. 
2.            Clean more often. Increase how often you clean surfaces, especially those that are being touched a lot. Ask your staff and your customers to use hand sanitiser and wash their hands frequently. 
3.            Ask your customers to wear face coverings indoors or where required to do so by law. That is especially important if your customers are likely to be around people they do not normally meet. Face coverings are not required when exercising. 
4.            Make sure everyone is social distancing. Make it easy for everyone to do so by putting up signs or introducing a one way system that your customers can follow. 
5.            Increase ventilation by keeping doors and windows open where possible and running ventilation systems at all times. Indoor facilities must limit maximum occupancy by providing a minimum of 100 square feet per person. 
6.            Take part in NHS Test and Trace by keeping a record of all your customers for 21 days. From 18 September, this will be enforced in law. 
7.            Turn people with coronavirus symptoms away. If a staff member (or someone in their household) or a customer has a persistent cough, a high temperature or has lost their sense of taste or smell, they should be isolating. 

Further mitigating actions we are doing:
8.            Encourage contactless payments. Whenever possible, use online booking and pre-payment and ask for contactless payments. 
9.            Using back-to-back or side-to-side working (rather than face-to-face) whenever possible 
10.          Limiting the number of people each person has contact with.   Adrian and I are teaching couples from the same household. There is no changing of partners.
11.          Fixing doors open that can be safely left open where feasible (ventilation requirements).  Please do wear layers of clothing that you can put on and take off as all doors and windows will be open.
12.          Managing occupancy levels and changeover by reducing class sizes and amending timetabling.   Adrian and I have reduced our class numbers in line with social distancing and have reduced it further again to give extra sense of space.
13.          Allowing a sufficient break time between classes held in studios in order to appropriately clean the studio and equipment and to prevent waiting in groups.   Adrian and I have scheduled a 15 minute change over time for line dance classes and 10 minute change over for evening classes.
14.          Where possible, operating on a book-in-advance basis. 


These are the priority actions to make our business safe during coronavirus, you can read the full version of the guidance below. Sources: